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At Bramalea City Centre Optometry we pride ourselves on ensuring that our eye exams goes above and beyond just making sure our patients have 20/20 vision. Our comprehensive eye exam will be able to properly assess your prescription as well as make sure that your eyes are healthy. This regular evaluation is extremely important since many eye health issues can occur with the patient not experiencing any issues whatsoever. Also, a regular comprehensive eye exam will help to ensure that your current lifestyle is not affected unexpectedly by a serious ocular health concern. We want to make sure you live a long healthy life and our primary goal as your Optometrists in Brampton is to provide you comprehensive eye care to ensure you live your life with optimal vision.

Our mission at BCC Optometry is to ensure that our patients expectations are exceeded and that they feel that we provided innovative, competent and easily accessible eye care services in a friendly, knowledgeable and patient friendly Optometrist office.

Our Services Include:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is very important for maintaining the health of your eyes and ensuring that any ocular diseases are caught before they become too severe.

Contact Lens Fitting and Training

If you are looking at getting contact lenses, BCC Optometry can help you with proper contact lens fitting and training.

Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves on being an Optometrist in Brampton that has some of the latest and most advanced technology available to Optometrist offices today. We provide visual field testing and retinal photography to ensure accurate diagnosis and early detection of eye diseases.

Treatment and Management of Eye Diseases

If you are suffering from an eye disease, we are able to provide treatment options and services to help treat and manage diseases of the eye including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Eye Infections and Emergencies

If you have an ocular emergency like red eyes, pink eyes, severe pain or discomfort, save yourself hours of time by avoiding the emergency room or walk-in clinic and visit our Optometrist office conveniently located in Bramalea City Centre.

Surgery Co-Management

Allow BCC Optometry to work alongside the best surgeons in the GTA to provide you with the best education and care before and after your surgery.