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Advanced Technology

As a fully licensed Optometrist in Brampton, BCC Optometry has all the latest technologically advanced equipment required to conduct our exams with the greatest care. There are several ways that we use cutting edge technology in order to manage and screen our patients internal eye structures.

Visual Field Test

Are you looking for an Optometrist in Brampton who can conduct a visual field test for you? A visual field test, or VFT, allows an Optometrist to look at and evaluate a patientís peripheral or side vision. A VFT is a simple and pain free test that Optometrists use to monitor and diagnose the development and encroachment of diseases like glaucoma. There are several types of eye and brain disorders that can cause the loss of a personís peripheral vision. This can often happen without any signs or symptoms that a patient would usually see and report. Disorders such as brain tumors, strokes and other types of neurological defects can be detected at an early stage with this device.

Retinal Photography

As one of the premiere Optometrist in Brampton, BCC Optometry is committed to ensuring that our patients have the most technologically advanced equipment available for their eye exams. At BCC Optometry we are pleased that we can offer Fundus Photography as a very important part of every eye exam. This allows our doctors to take speedy and non-invasive pictures of our patientís retina which is the inner part of the eye. This picture can help our doctors in detecting diseases such as diabetes, retinal defects, macular degeneration, holes in the retina and many others. These images serve as a starting point for when you come into the Optometrist office for your doctor to check and see if any changes have occurred that can cause health concerns. Over time it will help your Optometrist monitor the changes to the retina and any diseases that may develop over the years.

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